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A Guide To Understanding One’s Ayurvedic Constitution – Prakruti

Prakruti Analysis

Prakruti (constitution) of an individual can be:


The main seat of Vata is lower abdomen below the umbilicus. It is responsible for all movements in the body.

Vata is responsible for enthusiasm, breathing (inspiration and expiration), all movements and actions (talking, walking and body movements, activities of the sense organs). Vata circulates throughout the body, and helps in transportation of its supporting Dhatus(elements) such as the rasa (fluids), rakta (blood), etc. Vata creates normal vibration of natural urges like, excretion of urine, faeces, hunger, thirst, flatus, sneeze, sleep, yawn, belch, etc.


Pitta is situated mainly in the upper abdomen, above the umbilicus and below the thorax. It is responsible for digestion and metabolism.

Pitta gives vision (as opposed to perception which is due to vata), hunger, thirst, taste perception, digestion, heat-production, softness and suppleness of the body, luster, cheerfulness and intelligence.


Kapha’s Main seat is chest region(thorax). Kapha is responsible for strength, stability, tolerance and immunity.

Kapha maintains integrity and smoothness of joints, general stability of the body and build, potency and strength, forbearance, courage and lack of greed.


A Person is considered to have equilibrated Dosha.

How do you know your dosha (prakruti)?
Prakruti of an individual can be determined by a self test filled out by the patient. You may look at the chart given below to know your constitution (prakruti).

Determination Of Prakruti (Body Constitution)
Vata Prakruti Pitta Prakruti Kapha Prakruti Your Comment
Thin, lean, slender, under developed, protruding bones
Medium built , good looking and delicately shaped
Short, stout and well formed muscular body, strong joints.
Dry body Dry body Greasy and glossy body
Less sweating Excessive sweating Profuse sweating
Lanky, tall and loose limbs
Joints, muscles and limbs are soft and loose
Compact, firm and full-grown limbs
Sluggish and numb feeling over limbs
Active and warm feeling over limbs
Steady limbs
Weak, unsteady, asthenic or hypoasthenic.
Weak, unsteady, sthenic or asthenic
Strong, hyposthenic or sthenic.
Prominent veins and tendons.
Less prominent veins and tendons.
Well covered veins and tendons.
Pathetic and irritable countenance.
Assertive and irritable countenance
Handsome and calm countenance.
Unstable, hasty and quick movement, Unstable gait
Unstable movement and agitated gait
Stable movement and majestic gait
Skin (color may differ according to race or the country of origin)
1. Dry, cracked and cold.
2. Grey or earthy color.
3. Wrinkled
4. Lack of body odor
1. Dry and warm.
2. Yellowish or pinkish color.
3. Wrinkled
4. Pungent odor
1. Smooth, moist, oily and cold.
2. Whitish pallor color
3. Non-wrinkled or glossy
4. Fragrant odor.
5. Oily skin, congestion and blackheads
Head Unsteady Unsteady Steady
Hair (color may differ according to race or the country of origin)
1. Thin and semi-bald
2. Dry and rough
3. Dusky
4. Lots of splits and cracked
1. Thin and bald
2. Rough
3. Brownish
4. Ruly and straight
1. Thick and firm
2. Oily
3. Black
4. Ruly and curly
Forehead Narrow Medium Broad
Thin, dry, brittle and irregularly oblong
Thin, smooth, pinkish with streaks of pigmentation and regularly oblong
Thick, smooth, shinny, regular, blunt and square
Not regular, either too long or too short
Not regular Regular
1. Unsteady, rolling and dusky.
2. Narrow & slit-like.
3. Dry and gritty
4. very short falling lashes
1. Unsteady & red streaked.
2. Medium
3. burning
4. Short and falling lashes
1. Steady and white.
2. Wide
3. Clear and moist.
4. Long lashes
Face Sharp features and masked appearance. Sharp features and warm looks Thick features and calm looks
1. Black
2. Dry, cracked, thin and flickering.
1. Pink
2. Dry and thin formed.
1. White
2. Moist, thick and well
Irregular and unsteady
Irregular and unsteady
Regular steady and fixed
Teeth and gums
1. Dry, thin, irregular, cracked teeth.
2. Tingling and blackish gums.
1. Yellowish and irregular teeth.
2. Bleeding and spongy gums.
1. White and regular teeth.
2. Pinkish and healthy gums
Unsteady, dry prominent granules.
Unsteady, coated, pink and glabrous.
Steady, clean, moist and smooth.
Diet habits and status of digestion
1. Fond of hot oily dishes.
2. Irregular diet habits and likes.
3. Capricious appetite and thirst.
4. Likes light, warm, sweet, and sour drinks.
5. Very poor and slow digestion.
1. Dislikes hot and oily food.
2. Irregular diet and habits and likes.
3. Excessive appetite and thirst.
4. Likes sumptuous, astringent food and drinks.
5. Quick digestion.
1. Not so fond of hot and oily food.
2. Regular eating habits and likes.
3. Normal appetite and thirst.
4. Likes hot, bitter, sour, astringent foods and drinks.
5. Low digestive fire.
1. Constipated bowel.
2. Dry and hard stools.
3. Small amount of sweat.
4. Less amount of urine.
1. Quick motions.
2. Loose stools.
3. Excessive sweating.
4. Excessive urination.
1. Normal steady evacuation.
2. Ordinary bowel movements.
3. Profuse sweating.
4. Excessive urination.
Performance of activities
Quick with a lot of initiative
Moderately medium initiation
Very slowly
Very quickly
Power to grasp
Very fast
Very Short
Digestive power
Very powerful
Ability to bear
Sometimes good
Very good
Sometimes poor
Quantity of food
Sometimes large
Sometimes poor
Always large
Groups of tastes desired
Very often
Foods desired
Warm foods
Cold foods
Warm and dry foods
Bowel movements
Loose stools
Regular well-formed stools
Very easily with foul body odor
Intimate desire/potency
Lacks intimate desire.
Not liked by women.
Potent and romantic.
Interrupted and less
Excessive and deep sleep
Dreams of Flying, jumping, climbing hills, storms in the sky, etc.
Dreams of Bright and lustrous object (such as fires and flames), Violence, fights, struggle
Dreams of earth and water (Water birds and flora sighted) Clouds, romance, etc.
Attitude to problems or difficulties
Lot of worrying
Angry, over-awed, easily provoked and highly irritable
Peaceful, slow, steady
Very fast, missing words
Sharp, provocative and clear cut
Slow, resonant, clear
1. Stammering.
2. Husky.
3. Low toned.
4. Chattering.
High pitched.
1. Sweet.
2. Pleasant.
3. Tone eloquent.
4. Moderate.
Very quick with swift movements
Slow and steady gait
Associated movements
of body while working
Unfocused movements, Nail biting, cracks the knuckles, and you will usually see them moving their hands and feet about in a nervous or quick manner.
Steady with no associated movements
Fickle mind
Impatient mind
A steady and patient mind


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